Who is Dvora Inwood?

di.jpgDvora Inwood is the Founding Educator of seven charter schools, including the highest performing charter network in Los Angeles, Larchmont Charter Schools. She is the original charter author, school designer and founding Executive Director for City Charter Schools Larchmont Charter Schools, Los Feliz Charter School for the Arts, Valley Charter Schools and Citizens of the World Charter School. As a founding Board Member of Larchmont and City Charter Schools, she led Principal and staff hiring and evaluation, oversaw and continually evaluated and refined program implementation, and served on the Executive Committee overseeing compliance and finance.

Dvora has advised charter school management organizations in improving and expanding their programs, created curriculum and courses that are used by The New Teacher Project in training new educators, and coached teachers in a variety of pedagogical methods and curriculum construction. Organizations that recently hired Dvora as a consultant include Brainrush, Success Academy, Knewton, the California Charter Schools AssociationParent RevolutionPUC (Partnerships to Uplift Communities) Schools, Fenton Avenue Charter SchoolIvy Bound AcademyYouth Policy Institute, and Celerity Educational GroupAdditionally, she served as a teacher and administrator at Elisabeth Morrow School, taught mathematics at Harvard-Westlake School and the Archer School, and has worked for fifteen years as a private college counselor and academic advisor to high school students across the country.

She earned her Master’s in Education from Stanford University, focusing on curriculum construction and teacher education, and her B.A. from Harvard University.


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